An Aegean Spring

First Timers Cruises, click for details Cruise 588
Turkey, Greece
22 Apr-6 May 2001
15 days

Fares from 2995
In an area teeming with spring flowers, our botanist will be on hand to help identify the many species to be seen.
Cruise 588 Itinerary
Sun 22 Apr   London - Istanbul
Fly from London to Istanbul to join Minerva.
Mon 23 Apr   Istanbul
Our morning city tour includes the elegant Blue Mosque and Santa Sophia. Or you may prefer to enjoy some of the lesser-known Byzantine delights. Afternoon at sea to discover Minerva's facilities.
Tue 24 Apr   Kavalla
Philippi, awash with colourful spring flowers, was founded the first Christan church in Europe. We overnight in port - an opportunity to dine ashore.
Wed 25 Apr   Kavalla - Mount Athos - Thessaloniki
We close cruise the holy peninsula of Mount Athos this morning, still inhabited by orders of monks. Wander ashore this evening in Thessaloniki.
Thu 26 Apr   Thessaloniki
Botanists can enjoy an excursion into the Mount Choriatis region. Visit the Royal Tombs of Vergina or the ruins of Dion nestled at the foot of Mount Olympus.
Fri 27 Apr   Chios
Discover the picturesque medieval villages of Pirgi and Mesta or the exquisite mosaics at Nea Moni.
Sat 28 Apr   Chios - Patmos
An afternoon call to the island of Patmos, its picturesque harbour dominated by the imposing Monastery of St John.
Sun 29 Apr   Nauplion
This afternoon we visit Mycenae, the fortified city of Agamemnon, or the theatre at Epidauros.
Mon 30 Apr   Gythion
View the Byzantine ruins of Mistra dotted around the flower filled slopes of Mount Taygetos or in contrast discover the strikingly barren region of the Mani. A chance to dine ashore this evening.
Tue 1 May   Kythera * - Kalamata
A morning call in Kythera, birthplace of the legendary Aphrodite. Spend a leisurely afternoon sailing to Kalamata, perhaps over
Wed 2 May   Kalamata
Discover the military fortifications at Messene this morning.
Thu 3 May   Katakolo
A chance to explore the extensive site of ancient Olympia, one-time home to the Games and littered with botanical surprises.
Fri 4 May   Itea
Visit Delphi, home of Apollo, set on the slopes of Mount Parnassus. Alternatively view the elaborate Byzantine Monastery at Osios Louk
Sat 5 May   New Corinth - Corinth Canal Transit
Tour the ruins of ancient Corinth, once one of the richest cities in Greece. We transit the Corinth Canal this afternoon.
Sun 6 May   Athens - London
Before our return flight to London, an opportunity to see the famous sights of Athens.
* Land by ship's boat or local tender
Cruise 588
Cabin Grade: Price per
adult ():
owner's suite Owners Suite 5995
suite Suite 5715
deluxe Deluxe 4875
superior Superior 4275
Standard two bed:
twin occupancy
A deck outside A Deck outside 3995
A deck outside aft A Deck outside aft 3715
B deck outside B Deck outside 3635
B deck outside aft B Deck outside aft 3395
A deck inside A Deck inside 3075
B deck inside B Deck inside 2995
Standard two bed:
single occupancy
A deck outside A Deck outside 5593
A deck outside aft A Deck outside aft 5201
B deck outside B Deck outside 5089
B deck outside aft B Deck outside aft 4753
A deck inside A Deck inside 3998
B deck inside B Deck inside 3894
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