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Comments from two recent passengers on Minerva cruises

Bill Mitchell, a retired insurance underwriter from Bickley in Kent, who has enjoyed 5 Swan Hellenic holidays with his wife including 2 Minerva cruises said:

"Minerva cruises are splendid. There is a very relaxed atmosphere. I'm particularly impressed with spaciousness of the ship. There are no booked tables and one can always drop into the very good library for free books"

Minerva on deck at Sunset Food "The food is terribly good and the dance band is delightful. I also particularly like the fact that the cost of the cruises are all-inclusive and that no tipping is required."

"The talks by guest speakers are very interesting. I particularly the enjoyed the one by Sir Roy Strong. I'm looking forward to booking another Minerva cruise"

Simon Conningham, managing director of his own magazine marketing company from Putney, S.W. London, who experienced his first-ever cruise on Minerva to Sri Lanka and S.E.Asia over the New Year said:

"My first cruise was pretty tremendous and quite different to what I had expected. The speakers were extremely good. The food, drink and bonhomie were pretty amazing and the standard of service was very high with a minimum of fuss."

" There were some very interesting people on board - several captains of industry, including a former chairman of IBM. I recommend Minerva very highly"

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