Ocean Cruises:
North Africa and the Red Sea

Cruise 602
Italy, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan
4-18 Nov 2001, 15 days
Fares from 3180

Cruise 602 (ND)
Italy, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan
4-20 Nov 2001, 17 days
Fares from 3675
Cabin Grade: Price per
adult ():
  602 602ND
owner's suite Owner's Suite 6360 6855
suite Suite 6065 6560
deluxe Deluxe 5175 5670
superior Superior 4535 5030
Standard two bed:
twin occupancy
deck outside A Deck outside 4240 4735
deck outside aft A Deck outside aft 3945 4440
deck outside B Deck outside 3860 4355
deck outside aft B Deck outside aft 3605 4100
deck inside A Deck inside 3265 3760
deck inside B Deck inside 3180 3675
Standard two bed:
single occupancy
deck outside A Deck outside 5936 6486
deck outside aft A Deck outside aft 5523 6073
deck outside B Deck outside 5404 5954
deck outside aft B Deck outside aft 5047 5597
deck inside A Deck inside 4245 4795
deck inside B Deck inside 4134 4684
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Themed Cruise:

North Africa and the Middle East has been the scene of conflict involving British forces for 200 years, in particular during the Second World War. Our cruise looks at the area's Military History and highlights significant factors that determined events.


Ian Beckett
A specialist on modern conflict, who has researched and written widely. He will be covering desert warfare, the Second World War in North Africa, and the British army's long connections with Egypt. The theme throughout will be the rise and fall of empires - the Ottoman, the Italian and the British.

Peter A Clayton
An Egyptologist, author of several books, expert on ancient Egypt and Roman North Africa. He will put many aspects of the ancient civilisations we encounter on this cruise into perspective.

The Right Revd Peter Coleman
A specialist in the social and political life of the classical and early Christian world, he will tell us about religion and its influence on the areas visited. He is an author, broadcaster and lecturer on New Testament and Ethics at London and Bristol Universities.

Keith Haskell
A career Diplomat and former Ambassador, he has lived for 12 years in various Arab countries, including Libya, and will be covering topics such as the Arab world today, Islam, oil in the Middle East, and the unique position of Libya in the modern world.

Please note Guest Speakers travel on the cruise portion of the holiday only.


Join us for a cruise which for the first time combines the majestic sites of North Africa with those of Egypt and Jordan. You'll vist Carthage, Sabratha and beautiful Cyrene; Cairo and the Pyramids; Karnak and the Valley of the Kings and, a final highlight, legendary Petra.
602 Cruise Itinerary
Sun 4 Nov    London - Cagliari
Fly from London to Cagliari to join Minerva.
Mon 5 Nov    Tunis (for Carthage)
A relaxing morning at sea, time to settle in on board and discover Minerva's many facilities. We spend the afternoon exploring one of the ancient world's major cities, Carthage, founded by the formidable Queen Dido. Welcome Cocktail Party and Gala Dinner this evening.
Tue 6 Nov    Sousse (for El Djem or Monastir)
This morning join our excursion to the Roman amphitheatre at El Djem, second only in size to the Colosseum in Rome. Alternatively, take a short drive along the coast to Monastir or spend the morning at leisure in Sousse. We depart at lunchtime.
Wed 7 Nov    Tripoli (for Sabratha)
We arrive in Libya's capital city for a full day of sightseeing. Our morning excursion travels along the coast to the Roman town of Sabratha. This attractive coastal site was founded in the 5th century BC and later developed by the Romans into an important centre for trade. The afternoon is spent viewing the exhibits in the Tripoli Museum as well as the Spanish Fort and old souks. You may be tempted by our supplementary tour to the incredible ruins of Leptis Magna.
Thu 8 Nov    At Sea
A day at sea to sample the delights of Minerva. Listen to a talk by one of our Guest Speakers, watch a film, or perhaps enjoy a cookery demonstration.
Fri 9 Nov    Benghazi (for Cyrene or Tukra and Tulmaytha)
Our full-day excursion today is to the beautiful site of Cyrene, perched dramatically on a hillside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Or you may like to spend the morning exploring the little- visited sites of Tukra and Tulmaytha, both in stunning coastal settings, and the emotive British War Cemetery in Benghazi in the afternoon.
Sat 10 Nov    At Sea
Relax on deck with a book from Minerva's extensive Library, or enjoy a gentle tone-up in the gymnasium. There's always the chance to chat with our Guest Speakers or enjoy a visit to the Bridge.
Sun 11 Nov    Alexandria (for El Alamein)
A morning call in Alexandria, whose wealth and reputation were virtually unsurpassed in the ancient world. There is a city tour or you can visit the famous battlefield of El Alamein, where the pivotal battle of the North Africa campaign took place.
You may like to join our supplementary 2-day excursion to see Memphis and Sakkara as well as Egypt's fascinating capital. Rejoin the ship in Port Said.
Mon 12 Nov    Port Said (for Cairo)
A full day to explore the exciting metropolis of Cairo. Highlights include the remarkable pyramids and sphinx as well as Cairo Museum with its magnificent collection of Egyptian antiquities. Alternatively, take our excursion to visit some of the city's most famous mosques before joining the Cairo Museum visit.
Tue 13 Nov    Port Said - Suez Canal
We depart Port Said in the early hours to transit the Suez Canal, one of the world's most strategic stretches of water. Relax on deck and view the stark, flat scenery as Minerva passes along the narrow passage through the desert.
Wed 14 Nov    At Sea - Safaga
Pamper yourself in the hair and beauty salon, take a dip in the pool or try your hand at a game of bridge in the Card Room.
Thu 15 Nov    Safaga (for Luxor)
Drive through impressive desert scenery to Luxor, set on the banks of the River Nile. View the great Temple of Amun at Karnak, with its massive hypostyle hall and cross to the vast necropolis of Thebes on the West Bank. Visit the Valley of the Kings and the impressive interiors of the tombs of the Pharaohs. For those wanting a more relaxing day you may prefer to remain in Safaga and join our swimming excursion.
Fri 16 Nov    Safaga - At Sea
Relax on deck as Minerva crosses the Gulf of Aqaba en route to Jordan. A chance to reflect on the sights we have seen, and those still to come, with our Guest Speakers.
Sat 17 Nov    Aqaba (for Petra)
Drive to the awe-inspiring "rose-red" city of Petra, hewn out of the colourful sandstone rock some 2,000 years ago. The initial glimpse of the Treasury is truly unforgettable. Alternatively take this chance for a dip in the warm waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, home to some of the world's most spectacular coral reefs.
Sun 18 Nov    Aqaba - London
"Cruise Only" passengers take a return flight to London.
602(ND) Cruise & Tour
Post-Cruise Tour: Jordan
Sun 18 Nov    Aqaba - Amman
"Cruise & Tour" passengers disembark Minerva to visit the crusader castle of Kerak and Mount Nebo, where we see the memorial to Moses. We also visit Madaba, famous for its 6th century mosaic map of Palestine. We stay for two nights at the Intercontinental Hotel in Amman.
Mon 19 Nov    Amman - Jerash
Enjoy city sightseeing of historical Amman in the morning. This afternoon we travel north to Jerash, which was once one of the richest and most luxurious of Roman provincial cities.
Tue 20 Nov    Amman - London
Transfer to the airport for your return flight to London.

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