Maritime America: A passage along the East Coast

Cruise CL6
6-20 Sep 2001
21 days
Fares from £4116

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An enthralling exploration of North America's Atlantic coast, sailing aboard Clipper Adventurer southwards from Halifax. You'll discover the maritime traditions of Nova Scotia, visit Boston and Nantuket and make a memorable approach to New York. Further highlights are two evocative cities of the deep south - Charleston and Savannah. America's history will come to life during this exhilarating journey to places made doubly appealing by their past and present.

Cruise Itinerary CL6
Thu 6 Sep
London - Halifax
Fly from London to Halifax to join Clipper Adventurer. We sail late so you may like to explore the town.
Fri 7 Sep
Lunenburg *
Today we explore one of the oldest towns in Nova Scotia. Lunenburg, a World Heritage site, is an attractive town with distinctive wooden houses and is still the centre of the regional fishing industry.
Sat 8 Sep
Bar Harbour
Our first American port is Bar Harbour on Mount Desert Island, from where we explore Acadia National Park with its beautiful mountains, lakes and wildlife including seals, beavers, puffins and bald eagles.
Sun 9 Sep
Camden *
After a morning of cruising along the beautiful Maine coast we spend a leisurely afternoon exploring the pretty port of Camden - well known for its lobster fishing.
Mon 10 Sep
Boston Explore the "capital" of New England and the cradle of the American Revolution. The city's historical charm, rich intellectual and artistic traditions, and business centres all come together in a unique blend.
Tue 11 Sep
Nantucket *
The whaling centre of Nantucket, immortalised in Moby Dick, was founded by a group of Quakers and Presbyterians in 1659 and the tiny streets of the town seem to have been almost frozen in time. We have a full day to explore this treasure trove and the chance to dine ashore as we sail late.
Wed 12-Thu 13 Sep
New York
Today we take a memorable lunchtime cruise up the East River and under Brooklyn Bridge for our stay in New York, to explore its many attractions. As we sail out past the Statue of Liberty we will also be aware of its position as the gateway for generations of immigrants.
Fri 14 Sep
The first capital of the new nation, the city was originally laid out by William Penn in 1682. Philadelphia is synonymous with Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, theatres and buoyant classical music. We sail in the afternoon along the Chesapeake-Delaware Canal.
Sat 15 Sep
As capital of Maryland this attractive city was where the Treaty of Paris, ending the Revolutionary War was signed. From here we will explore the nation's capital, Washington DC.
Sun 16 Sep
St Michaels *
A morning's cruise through Chesapeake Bay brings us to one of its oldest and prettiest ports, St Michaels. It was one of colonial America’s main shipbuilding centres and its boats evaded British blockades during the Revolutionary War.
Mon 17 Sep
Discover the great naval port of Norfolk at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. >From here we visit some of the best known colonial sites in the US including Jamestown, the first successful English colony, Williamsburg, the restored colonial capital and Yorktown, the scene of the final decisive battle of the Revolutionary War.
Tue 18 Sep
At Sea
Relax on board as we cruise past the Outer Banks and into Southern waters.
Wed 19 Sep
We spend a day in Charleston, originally founded in 1670, and have the chance to explore its historic district with its tall narrow buildings adorned with wooden shutters and ironwork balconies. It was nearby at Fort Sumter in the harbour that the Civil War started.
Thu 20 Sep
Savannah Our final port is Savannah, the first settlement of the new British colony of Georgia in 1733. As a major export centre for the cotton plantations, the wealth generated graceful townhouses and tree-lined boulevards that survive in the atmospheric historic core. We explore the city before our return flight to London.
Fri 21 Sep
Arrive London after an overnight flight.
* Land by Zodiac

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