SEA CRUISES on mv Minerva
Until October 1998

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Cruise Dates Ports of call
Granite Castles, Green Gardens 25 Jun-9 Jul UK, Ireland
Fjords and Palaces 9 Jul-22 Jul UK, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Russia
Jewels of the Baltic 22 Jul-5 Aug Sweden, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Denmark, Germany, UK
Iberia: a Summer Collection 5 Aug-19 Aug UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy
Islands in the Sun 19 Aug-26 Aug Italy, Greece
The Wine Dark Sea 26 Aug-2 Sep Greece, Turkey
Black Sea Magic 2 Sep-16 Sep Greece, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria
Classical Landscapes 16 Sep-30 Sep Turkey, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy
An Italian Autumn 30 Sep-14 Oct Italy, Croatia
African Empires 14 Oct-28 Oct Italy, Tunisia, Libya, Greece

River Cruises