Swan Hellenic Cruise News

Broaden Your Horizons with Swan Hellenic

The 1998 programme for both our sea cruises and river cruises is now available.

Our sea going ship, Minerva, starts the year in the Far East, visiting Vietnam, the Spice Islands of Indonesia, Borneo and Malaysia and the coastal cities of India. Spring finds us in the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aqaba for Petra, and Minerva then sails throught the Suez Canal to start her Mediterranean programme in April.

In the Mediterranean, over 120 destinations are included - from Damascus, Beirut and Jerusalem in the Levant to Santiago de Compostela, Lisbon and Oporto on the Atlantic coast; from St Petersburg in the Baltic to Tunis and Alexandria on the North African coast.

On our river cruise programme we will be cruising along some of the most famous waterways of Europe - the Danube and Rhine-Mosel as well as along the Russian Waterways between Moscow and St.Petersburg. New for 1998 are the full-length Nile cruises operating between Cairo and Aswan.

All Swan Hellenic cruises are accompanied by guest speakers covering a wide range of interests, from eminent archaeologists and historians to botanists, ornithologists, wine experts and bridge experts.